Swot analysis of kerala medical tourism

In a oligopolistic competition sellers supply a large portion of products and services in the market. Among the popular advanced treatments offered in Malaysia for foreign patients are cardiac procedures, orthopaedic, cancer treatment, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and general health screenings.

Kerala Tourism has also entered in to a partnership with Google, the No. We can find out from the below table that how Kerala has grown since till in terms of Number of arrivals and Foreign Exchange earned.

There are three different levels of competition according to the economist; they are Monopolistic competition, Oligopoly and Monopoly Collins, Retrieved March 01,from http: A proper promotion and way to deal with the right target business can make it conceivable.

The state can give temporary license to market their products in other part of the states for say 15 days for 3 months. Thailand reported to have received about 2. What products or services they sell?

Kerala Ayurveda Ltd (530163) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

These states are sharing the border with the state and where there is high number of corporate houses. Medical Infrastructure In India, it is estimated that there are 15, hospitals, 8,75, hospital beds, 5,00, doctors, 7,37, Nurses, medical colleges, 3, 50, retail chemist outlets.

Kerala has to compete with other 29 states in India. Kerala was first to launch a mobile compatible web content to reach to every segment of market.

The recent rape cases of foreign tourists and increasing crime rates in India further tarnished its tourism destination image [32].

Kerala Tourism SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Assessing trade in health services in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean from a public healthperspective. A Case Study Ministry of Tourism Government of India and CRISIL The implementation of this framework leaded to tourism development and the feedback received from domestic and international tourist were that they wanted to revisit the state and What Kerala has done is that it has made tourism a sustainable business venture and developed on a positioning strategy with proper Tourism Marketing Communication Mix.

But traditional medicine was ignored when western medical knowledge and procedures were introduced into the country. In addition, the shortage of beds in public hospitals continues to be a problem for Singapore [24] which causes its citizens to question the emphasis of the government on medical tourism over public health equity.

By doing competitive analysis evaluation, any business can establish their product or service uniqueness. In Singapore, foreign doctors made up more than half of the new doctors in the year and its stated that p.

It helps to identify improvement areas like customer services and marketing strategy. The facility also allows four accompanying persons to travel with the patient under the same visa conditions [10]. Siddiqi et al, New opportunities and challenges has been created by liberalization of trade in healthcare sector specially in middle and low income group nations to provide remarkable and efficient healthcare services.

Companions of the patients also suffered the same problem indicating that this area has to be seriously looked upon. Olson, Fringe Medical Practices in Thailand, http: Participation in International Fairs-Kerala tourism participates in all the major international events related to its identified source markets.

Despite the advantage of having low medical costs refer Table 1the Indian government is taking a different approach in promoting its medical tourism industry by highlighting its wellness elements.

As talked about in the report Kerala must target advanced nations for progression. Telemedicine or telehealth services includes the use of audiovisual aids and different data and information communication techniques to provide health services around the world at a distance by specialized clinicians.

Chanda R, For example India is famous for high quality medical procedures at competitive prices and alternative medicine like yoga and ayurveda.

In this case the CR equals 0. In interior examination it can be watched that there is lack of talented staff and prepared administrators in neighborliness industry.The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that in Travel and tourism is expected to generate * US$ 5, billion of economic activity * % of total GDP * , jobs or % of total employment * % of total exports [1] My task is to conduct a PEST analysis for a company within the Tourism industry.

ABAD Hotels SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Kerala Tourism • Variety of product and services (monsoon tourism, medical tourism, culture and arts, houseboats, backwaters, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries etc) • Highly reputable, bagged various national and international awards • Kerala, India’s most advanced society with full literacy • High life expectancy • Excellent.

Health Tourism in India - A SWOT Analysis Vandna Maini dominicgaudious.net University, Chandigarh Email:[email protected] factors that are favourable and unfavourable to health tourism in India and to strengthen further the Medical tourism is a recent trend in Indian tourism.

Medical Tourism Market (India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea, Costa Rica, Poland, Dubai and Philippines) - Global. Kerala has strongly focused on Ayurveda and its wide array of treatments and medications with airport-to-hospital bed car dominicgaudious.net Part IX – Medical Tourism IIML Kerala-The Pioneer State Kerala has pioneer health tourisim in India retail chemist outlets.

SWOT Analysis of Meriiboy Icecreams. Submitted by, Arun B Generally this is a region with people have high or considerable disposable income. All major and famous hotels of Kerala like Sagar and Paragon are located in the Calicut region.

Swot analysis of kerala medical tourism
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