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Michael Quinn, There is a temptation for the writer or the teacher of Church history to want to tell everything, whether it is worthy or faith promoting or not. He was very much frightened about [it] until the Angel appeared to him three times.

They began slaughtering the handful of broken-down cattle that still remained while their death toll mounted. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Book of Mormon. The Accounts of the Angel with a Drawn Sword Account by year Source Joseph Lee Robinson circa The Lord instead of releasing [Joseph Smith] from that burden, he sent an holy angel with a drawn sword unto him, saying unto him, Joseph, unless you go to and immediately teach that principle namely polygamy or plural marriage and put the same in practice, that he, Joseph, should be slain for thus saith the Lord, that the time has now come that I will raise up seed unto me as I spoke by my servant Jacob as is recorded in the Book of Mormon, therefore, I command my people.

In addition, there are many topics not yet provided that many members would like to see the Church discuss in detail. Roberts, Jan Shippsand Ronald W. Orton also finds it unlikely that Webster knew all of the survivors, given that they spread throughout Utah after they arrived and didn't have a reunion until after Webster's death.

A Journal of Mormon Thought 21 Autumn Palmer said that he was paraphrasing Webster, and given the lapse of time and the casual nature of a Sunday School class, Orton believes it unlikely to be an exact quote. Michael Quinn has selected fifteen essays which demonstrate the methods of this new history.

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Oxford University Press, ; Howard R. Validation of critics The first result of these essays will be to validate much of what many of the LDS critics have said for years. Meanwhile, the original scouting party continued eastward until it reached a small vacant fort at Devil's Gatewhere they had been instructed to wait for the rest of the rescue party if they had not found the Martin Company.

Zina Huntington [Joseph] sent word to me by my brother, saying, 'Tell Zina I put it off and put it off til an angel with a drawn sword stood by me and told me if I did not establish that principle upon the earth, I would lose my position and my life.

Little, Brown, and Co. If the omission is an intentional effort to conceal or avoid presenting the reader with evidence that contradicts the preferred view of the writer, that is fraud whether by a scholar or non-scholar, historian or other specialist.

There has been some debate regarding the use of the hyphen identifying as a " pro-feminist " as opposed to a profeministclaiming that it distances the term too much from feminism proper. Years later in Utah, participants in Nauvoo plural marriage discussed their motives for entering into the practice.

Arrington wrote, "Memories of what was perhaps the worst disaster in the history of western migration have been palliated by what could also be regarded as the most heroic rescue of the Mormon frontier. I know that Joseph was commanded to take more wives and he waited until an Angel with a drawn sword stood before him and declared that if he longer delayed fulfilling that command he would slay him.

Referenced in Faithful History: Following his marriage to Louisa Beaman and before he married other single women, Joseph Smith was sealed to a number of women who were already married.Nov 01,  · The New Mormon History is the banner under which many professional historians today approach Latter-day Saint historiography.

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Scholars who embrace this term attempt to put significant events into context rather than bracketing data that might seem challenging to traditional assumptions/5.

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Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. (August ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Polygamy. Polygamy as a doctrine was introduced into the LDS Church by Joseph Smith.

The practice continued after Joseph’s death inand was publicly announced in. Signature Books is famous for their "cutting edge" (OVER the edge, to most "traditionalists") books on Mormon subjects; e.g., New Approaches to the Book of Mormon: Explorations in Critical Methodology,The New Mormon History: Revisionist Essays on the Past (Essays on Mormonism Series),Early Mormonism and the Magic World View,Faithful History: Essays on Writing Mormon History .

Essay history mormon new past revisionist
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