A level media coursework 2011

As you can see it is using a over the shoulder shot making it look like we are looking into the conversation rather than as though we are taking part in it which is what it would look like if we were looking directly at the characters.

Tilt Movement which scans vertically and has the same movement as a pan Here is a short Youtube clip I found that clearly shows the movement involved in a pan and a tilt: Although this clip was done on purpose to emphasize bad continuity it still shows just how important it is to have a strong continuity because otherwise it makes the scene less able to enjoy.

One of these conventions being the production and company logos; which we have mixed into the scenes at the start of our trailer. The expensive marketing will, hopefully, be paid back through ticket sales and hopefully be enough to earn profit.

A level media coursework

On the other hand there are some issues with film marketing due to it being so risky. In most horror films the setting of the films is in a secluded location whereas our location is a public place.

The most obvious example is when Vincent is covered in blood, since violence and gore is common in horror films, and also when he is cutting up stuffed toys, which could connotate the destruction of innocence.

Threats to the magazine Technology has also introduced threats to the magazine industry. The music box tunes used in a sinister context to give an air of mystery and danger i. Conventions Our media product has a number of different aspects which are conventional of a thriller or just a typical trailer.

Also before starting this task I researched some professional industries to get a basic idea on what we should consider for names and also to get a general idea on what our logos should look like.

I think another way we attracted this audience was that we used characters that were of a similar age so that they were then able to relate to the film also because of the situation that the characters were in as realistic so this meant the audience could relate to the film because it was a situation that they were able to see possibly happening to them, this also reinforced the conventions of a horror film being that the events were possible.

Some of them chosen to view recent brain and genetic method. Overall I think the edit was consistent and effectively showed our knowledge of keeping continuity within a clip and that we can expand into more challenging media. I have also learnt that the location affects a scene massively, and how important it is to get the location correct, so that we could then create the right atmosphere.

In our trailer we represent youths to be loud and very outgoing people. The name of the magazine gives the connotations of something sweet and enjoyable which would appeal to my demographic.

I also learnt how to use this software to add effects to the footage such as black and white, fading effects and how to edit in sound.

AS level media coursework

This poses a threat to the magazine because it reduces the number of people paying. An example of this would be if in one shot somebody was shown starting to open a door and then in the following shot is cut into a scene where the door is shut again; this would disrupt a constant flow.

When asked if the colour scheme appeals to them the majority said that the pink and blue go well together and are familiar colours for young girls therefore the girls will be able to relate to it and would find it attractive so that it increases the chance of them buying the magazine.

At first using this software was difficult to use but was easy to learn quickly on it. I did learn a lot while constructing this text. I ended up mostly sticking to the storyboard and shooting script that I created beforehand, though a few changes were made. I have developed this further by using layering and cramming lots of cover stories and features especially around the main image which is really common in music magazines.

What is the balance of text and image This is a shot of a colourful, psychedelic bus. If they don't look good and accurate, very few people would be willing to watch it as special effects are often a deciding factor for audiences, whether they've seen the original version or not.

A strong continuity is vital for all audiences, particularly passive audiences as the idea of a film or tv programme is to provide enjoyment and if there is constant jumping between the cuts it will lose its appeal to the audience.

The colour scheme I have used has been based on what my research and findings suggested.Natasha's AS Level Media Coursework Friday, 6 May Final Draft and Evaluation.

Above is the final draft using copyright-free music. If you wish to view the version using the Pandora Hearts soundtrack, see the video description for a link.

Natasha's AS Level Media Coursework

Friday, 11 March Second Draft. Constructed for Media Studies students and teachers, by experienced A-level practitioners to help you with coursework, essays, exam revision, advice & guidance. Constructed for Media Studies students and teachers, by experienced A-level practitioners to help you with coursework, essays, exam revision, advice & guidance.

A Level Media Coursework Tuesday, April 5, In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

This is the link to the 5 minute video that I made, which explains and discusses the different ways in which my two minute opening challenges, develops and uses forms and.

My media product is a music magazine called R&B TYM that focuses on the R&B genre of music. Therefore, the magazine has to represent.

A Level Media Coursework

Constructed for Media Studies students and teachers, by experienced A-level practitioners to help you with coursework, essays, exam revision, advice & guidance. Example Media Coursework - sample media studies coursework about the film Layer Cake with list of references.

Fair Use Policy; Example Media Coursework. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Film fans will enjoy the opportunity to understand an aspect of the film to a level beyond their peers.

A level media coursework 2011
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